Human rights policy

Champion Microelectronic Corporation is dedicated to corporate social responsibility and is determined to protect the basic human rights of all employees. We recognize and adhere to the principles of international human rights conventions, including the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the United Nations Global Compact, the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, and the International Labour Organization. We strongly oppose any behavior that violates or infringes upon human rights, and we have declared to treat and respect all our employees fairly and equally.
The following is the description of CMC’s human rights policy:

I. Inclusiveness and equal opportunity
1. CMC provides a gender-equal and diverse work environment for our employees, with principles of fairness and openness in mind. No one shall be treated differently for their age, gender, physical and mental disabilities, ethnicity, religion, political inclination, or pregnancy status.
2. CMC shall eliminate forced labor of any kind, as well as discriminations in employment and hiring. Harassments shall be prohibited and privacy rights shall be respected as we strive to create a respectful, safe, and equal work environment with equal opportunities for anyone, free from any discrimination or harassment.

II. No child labors
CMC implements regulations on minimal work age that exceed the scope of local legislation and do not employ child laborers.

III. Compliance with minimum wage laws
CMC provides our employees with wages and benefits that either match or exceed the minimum requirements of local legislatures.

IV. Reasonable work hours
CMC implements a legal and reasonable work hour system, managing employee attendance with regular care for their status.

V. Diverse channels of communication
To foster a positive labor-employer relationship and harmonious work environment, CMC encourages employees to express feedbacks through meetings and performance evaluation, ensuring that employees can exercise their due labor rights.

VI. Information security
To protect the privacy rights under human rights, CMC has implemented stringent control on the access, processing, transmission, and storage of the employee and customer data, safeguarding CMC personnel and facility. We also implemented relevant security maintenance and control measures for the development and maintenance of application systems, databases, networks, personal computers, and storage media.

VII. Healthy and safe workplace
CMC fully recognizes the importance of a workplace’s safety and hygiene that allows the employees to work in a healthy, safe, and compassionate environment, maintaining their physical and mental well-being. We strive to create a safe and healthy workplace and achieve zero occupational hazards.
VIII. Freedom of association
CMC respects the employee’s rights to set up or join clubs and associations, and actively encourages employees to join clubs.

IX. Enactment and Amendment
This policy shall be promulgated and enacted after approval by the Board; the same applies to any amendment.