Safe work environment

  • Company access security: CMC installed security equipment on all external entries and exits, as well as critical locations within our facilities. All accesses are monitored 24/7 and connected to a security company staying on guard, while maintenances and inspections of the surveillance systems and access door control systems are conducted regularly.
  • Facility maintenance: CMC collaborates with the building management committee and performs annual public safety inspection through contracting professional vendors as required by the Regulations on Building Public Safety Inspection and Report. We also contract qualified vendors to conduct fire safety inspections as per regulations of the Fire Services Act and routinely practice maintenance and inspection of fire-extinguishing facilities. We conduct regular maintenance and inspection operations on our production facilities, air-conditioning systems, and water fountains as required by the Regulation on Occupational Safety and Sanitation Management.
  • Disaster prevention and response: CMC has implemented fire safety management plans with designated personnel and reported to the Hsinchu City Fire Bureau. The management plans clearly define the duties and missions of responsible personnel during emergencies such as fire and earthquakes. We regularly organize safety drills and invite fire-safety companies or agencies to organize fire and disaster seminars every 6 months, educating the employees on how to respond and act upon emergencies. In addition, under the risk of pandemics such as COVID-19, we enacted staggered attendance for the sake of infection prevention and management.

  • Employee physical examination: all new employees will undergo physical examinations before their first day at work; in-service employees are provided with regular physical examinations each year, which exceed the frequency stipulated by related regulations. Employees will also receive professional health management consulting services for their examination results. In addition, we regularly hold health seminars to increase employees’ awareness and knowledge of health.