Corporate Background


About CMC

The power management IC is the key to improving the power-saving performance of electronic facilities and products. Champion Microelectronic Corp. (CMC), backed by the most advanced technology from Silicon Valley, USA, has invested in AC-DC analog power IC professional design for many years. CMC has always adhered to the concept of implementing energy-saving and carbon reduction, and striving for a green world, so that the efficiency of energy-saving and electricity saving can be completely realized in our lives all over the world.
Being the Champion has been the goal that CMC pursues. With the ambition to be the best, the CMC R&D team goes all out to compete with international manufacturers, strengthen the advantages of local service, and promote the power management IC with the honor of Champion to the leading position in the world. CMC grasps the design capabilities of analog ICs accurately. In 2005, as the only Taiwanese IC design company providing the active PFC series, CMC launched the PFC and PWM combined power management IC product series. In addition to increasing the PF value to more than 0.99, the total output efficiency can reach 80%. Moreover, CMC successively developed the zero-voltage switching PFC and PWM product series, of which the total output efficiency has been increased from 85% to 89%. Besides, CMC has obtained patents for SLS (SRC+LLC+SR) in Taiwan, the United States and China, completed a series of products and a combination of similar zero-voltage switching PFC products, and successfully developed a series of products with a total output efficiency of 90% to 92%, which is affirmed by world-class manufacturers in Europe and the United States.

The total output efficiency of the product has now reached 92% to 94%, which makes many customers who use CMC's power IC products, such as Delta, Lite-On, AcBel Polytech, Hipro, FSP Group and Seasonic, successively obtain Bronze, silver, gold and platinum medals of the 80 PLUS certification program. After years of intensive operation, CMC has reached the first step of energy-saving and carbon reduction. CMC's current application areas include personal computers, cloud computing servers, large ultra-thin LED displays, LED TVs, and LED lighting. CMC will continue to work hard in the future to provide more efficient, multi-functional and low-cost power ICs to achieve the mission of using green technology to save energy. With world-class clean technology, coupled with excellent cooperation with domestic excellent IC packaging testing companies and partners, the CMC team provides customers with comprehensive technical services without any worries. From Hsinchu and Xizhi, Taiwan to Silicon Valley, USA, with a complete global marketing network covering Asia, the United States and Europe, CMC forms a win-win situation where services are close to major international brand customers, and products are deep into all corners of the world. To practice the development of green technology to achieve the ideal of protecting the environment and life, CMC strives to move towards a higher-level clean technology and is determined to benefit the people with IC design with higher integration and higher power efficiency. Looking into the future, CMC will continue to focus on the inheritance of analog IC technology and maintain good management and welfare to sustain all colleagues' enthusiasm for saving electricity for the world. We will stick to this determination, playing a leading role in the field of green technology under the name of Champion Microelectronic Corp.