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General Description

CM6502S is a ZVS-Like Single PFC and it is designed to meet 90+ spec. ( total efficiciency). It has the following key features.

1.)       Around 2% efficiency gain when the output load is below 40% of the full load.

2.)       420V bulk capacitor value can be reduced, and also PFC boost ripple current can be reduced; therefore, the boost inductor core size may be reduced.

3.)       No Load Consumption can be reduced to 290mW at 270VAC.

4.)       The stress over the entire external power device is reduced and EMI noise reduced.

5.)       A PGB function is designed for interfacing to next stage controller.  It has a customer programmable low threshold PGTHL.

CM6502S is designed to meet the EPA/80+ regulation. With the proper design, its efficiency of power supply can easily approach 90+.


u      Patents Pending

u      23V Bi-CMOS process.

u      Designed for EPA/90+efficiency.

u      Selectable Boost output from 380V to 342V during light load.

u      All high voltage resistors can be greater than 5 Mega ohm (5 Mega to 8 Mega ohm) to improve the no load consumption.

u      Rail to rail CMOS Drivers with on, 60 ohm and off, 30 ohm with 17V zeners.

u      Fast Start-UP Circuit without extra bleed resistor to aid VCC reaches 13V sooner.

u      Low start-up current (55uA typ.)

u      Low operating current (2.5mA typ.)

u      16.5V VCC shunt regulator

u      Customer Programmable Low Threshold PGTHL

u      Dynamic Soft PFC to ease the stress of the Power Device and Ease the EMI-filter design.

u      PFC Digital Brown Out

u      Low total harmonic distortion, THD and Power Factor approaches 1.0.

u      Average current, continuous or discontinuous boost leading edge PFC.

u      Current fed Gain Modulator for improved noise immunity.

u      Gain Modulator is a constant maximum power limiter.

u      Brown-out control, over-voltage protection, UVLO, and soft start, and Reference OK.

u      Power Fold Back Protection



u            EPA/90+ related Power Supply

u            Desktop PC Power Supply

u            Internet Server Power Supply

u            LCD Power Supply

u            PDP Power Supply

u            IPC Power Supply

u            UPS

u            Battery Charger

u            DC Motor Power Supply

u            Monitor Power Supply

u            Telecom System Power Supply              

u            Distributed Power


  • DIP-14 (P14)
  • SOP-14 (S14)


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